• Tools/Skills:
    Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver. Webpages developed using XHTML/CSS PHP/MySQL
  • Client:
    Bennett Partners LLP

Exit434.com is a weekly newsletter containing short articles on restaurants, bars, outdoor activities, events, and other information pertaining to the target market in San Francisco Bay Area, with a secondary target of a national audience. The website is used for prospective members to sign up for the newsletter, but it also holds archived newsletters as well as other information.

Complete website design including graphics design/layout and page programming. Blog is based on a customized version of WordPress with a custom designed theme. Customization includes: integration of custom ‘Archives’, ‘Tag Cloud’ for marking similar/related posts, and custom ‘Search’ function to search not only posts but pages as well and highlight the searched term. Constantcontact.com newsletter sign-up integration.

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